Monday, August 07, 2006

I am considering surgery and I actually do think my surgeon’s office is being pretty straight up with me about after effects and complications. Just one thing, though. I heard from a co-worker who had it that your energy levels are kind of non-existent and I do very strenuous work so this would be a problem. The doctor said that my co-worker probably just didn’t take all the vitamins needed and that’s the problem and that I will have nothing to worry about in that department. True?

Kilgore, TX

Hey there, Eugene. A man! I love seeing a man letter. Actually, wait, that’s not fair. I DO get a lot of mail from men but am frightfully underutilizing my male audience. And I am not entirely sure why. Could be that many of the letters ask me things about the size difference in my breasts before and after my surgery and that’s just suspect, no?

Now, Eugene, regarding your completely appropriate and very important letter:

It took me a long time to have the energy I’d had before the surgery. It takes most people about 6 months before they actually feel like they’re “back.” (This is obviously a nightmare for the mothers out there who have young children because they just can’t be out of the game for a minute).

Here’s the thing, Eugene, you’re not dropping off to sleep or anything like that. You can work and function as normal. You just always have the blahs in a big way. A little lethargic, maybe a little sad, though I can’t swear that had anything to do with the surgery.

Then, after 6 months you start to climb out of it and your energy levels rise. This is because your body is back in business – your endorphins are pumping again, metabolically your levels are unified again.

There are exceptions to this, as there are with anything. There are people who are working out, running marathons, jumping outta planes, within 8 weeks. I am just not one of those people. I don’t know how strenuous your work is or how much time you are being permitted to take off after the surgery, but do plan on a drop off in your energy levels for at least 4 months while you are considering whether or not to do this. Good luck, Eugene!!!

GB Girl

And hey, anyone out there reading this…if you have something you want to say to Eugene about this,
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went through it but my time was about a year. Took that long for me to not feel so out of it.

9:05 AM, August 08, 2006  
Anonymous ChristyA5311 said...

That must be because you weren't drinking all the protein shakes and or taking all the vitamins and nutrients they told you to. A year is too long to not feel like you're getting back on your feet if you are following orders.

9:07 AM, August 08, 2006  
Anonymous bella c said...

Thjat's BS, Christy. I did every single thing I was supposed to and I was still weak for the entire first year and some time after that too. When you can't take in anywhere near as many calories and as much nutrients as you did before your body DOES go through a setback in energy. It's natural. Worth it though!

10:25 AM, August 08, 2006  

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