Monday, July 31, 2006

Heartwarming Letter-O-The-Day

Dear GB Girl, sometimes I think that for a lot of people the decision to get the procedure is a little too easy, like I want to lose that much, that fast, and there’s no other way I would ever be able to do it and they just plunge in. I’m just not one of those people who can decide so easily. I am 48 years old and a mother of two. I am 5'7" and I weigh 348 lbs. I want to be thin and be healthy more than you could ever know but I weigh the pros and cons of this so much it’s starting to make me crazy. But now I have your site and it's so helpful and I have to praise you for putting all this information out there. I honestly think that for a morbidly obese person, the decision to have gastric bypass surgery should be one of the most difficult ones they’d ever make and you are helping me figure out what to do every single day. Thank you so much.
Linda G.

Garden City, NY

Linda, I hardly know what to say except this: Regardless of anything you may hear while you are researching this, know that You Are A Brave and Smart Person. You are the one who is deciding whether or not to change your entire life in order to save it. And in order to enrich it. And you are taking the decision seriously and NOT plunging in. And I should be applauding you for your courage. I wish you the very best in your decision-making progress and in your future. And I hope you will continue to write to me throughout, no matter which way you decide to go. I do know that even having doctors involved, family involved, community involved, it is still you and you alone who have to firmly commit to this. And I know how hard that is. Good luck, Linda!
GB Girl


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