Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I get really funny emails from readers. I love them. One of the main themes, though, is something I don’t find that funny and I want to address it today: The "If You Hate This Surgery So Much Why Did You Do It?" thing.

So here goes.

I DON'T hate this surgery. I was and still am thrilled that science perfected something so utterly life-saving and miraculous as a way to drop tons of weight while getting healthy and agile and everything else...for people for whom the average "weight loss/diet plan/exercise program" is not even an option. My jaw is still on the floor from this. And, on a more personal level, this thing has completely changed the course of my life - all in positive ways!

So of course I don't HATE this surgery. I just grow tired of people not being given all the details about what they will go through, from A to Z. I do feel that the medical establishment is both crudely jaded and, frankly, bored by the most basic of questions to even bother addressing them. And what the hell is up with that?!

If a person is going to go all Frankenstein on themselves and REWIRE their body, I think the very least the establishment (which is getting ever richer by the day because of it) can do is address questions and worries and even present every single potential issue or worry a person may eventually have, even if they happen to just a fraction of people in the post-surgical world. Is that too much, folks? Am I asking too much??!

OK...enough venom. Let's get to today's letter:

Why am I working out every day and still dealing with very bad hanging skin? Does this go away? Are there any tricks to it? I lost 106 lbs so far and my thighs and my butt are really sagging even though I run on the treadmill 2 miles a day.
Tiffany W.
Phoenix, AZ

Tiffany my girl, WELCOME TO MY WORLD! As we all know by now, I have lost a lot of weight and I am in my mid-30’s. For this reason, I was told by my surgeon that it was "likely" that my skin would bounce back like a rubber band. HA HA HA. It isn’t.

Every inch of me…and I do mean every inch…is sagging like a hound dog’s jowls. Interestingly, my mother, who had this surgery 4 years ago, when she was 63, DID have her skin bounce back. That should not be and no chart would say it was even possible. Oil of Olay be damned.

This is what I mean when I say it is different for everyone. The elasticity of your skin depends on a lot of factors and I do hate to tell you this but there are parts of your body that will never respond to exercise if the elasticity in that area is shot. I wouldn’t waste your money on schmancy supplements that claim to renew elasticity, either. They are not going to work. Stick with herbal help: Vitamin C has a great reputation for strengthening elasticity in the skin, as do all strong antioxidants, and you should start taking some of that right now. I am taking them but wish I had been doing so for ages before I even had the surgery.

Obviously plastic surgery is an option but that is incredibly costly. I, myself, am saving pennies for brachioplasty – an upper arm lift. I spend hours here:

I'm thinking about that new one that tucks the extra skin into the armpit. New. Revolutionary. Terrifying. We’ll see. I mean, I have to do something. I can fly, at this point.

Serum 10 is amazing for this, with all its L-ascorbic acid and tons of Vitamin C. Check it out:

And have you considered yoga and pilates, Tiffany? Stre-e-e-e-tching out your muscles in this way will work as stretching works on ballerinas - it will lengthen and strengthen your muscles in a very beautiful way. And with that and some Vitamin C every day, you could be helping your skin along a lot! Good luck!

GB Girl


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